The ATS team

Regina Duran


With ATS since 2014

Regina and her husband, Shaun, spend every minute they can with their two children, Shelby and Brady. 

Becky Mahaffey


With ATS since 2015

Becky's family has been involved in the trucking industry for over 50 years. Her and her husband, Don, have 5 beautiful daughters and 5 grandchildren.

Shane Tucker


With ATS since 2016

Shane and his wife, Jan, have had a long lasting marriage of over 40 years. They enjoy their time with their daughter, Samantha, and their pups, Percy and Shadow. 

Heather Reddoch


With ATS since 2018

Heather is newly married to her husband, Casey. Most of their time is spent outdoors having fellowship with family and friends. 

Company Drivers

Ray Carroll

UNIT 120

With ATS since 2018

Ray and his wife, Wendy, have quite the large family! Ray has 3 son's - Hunter, Justin, and Garrett. Wendy has 2 sons -  JJ and Braylen. Together, they have their only daughter, Lennox.  When he is not working, he enjoys staying at home and spending time with all of them. 

John Laird

UNIT 130

With ATS since 2017

Howard Brock

UNIT 140

With ATS since 2018

Howard, when not driving for work, likes driving around on his bike with his girlfriend, Kimberly. 

Connie Jarels

UNIT 150

With ATS since 2018

Connie loves spending time out on the road with her pup, but when she's home it's all about her daughter, her grandbabies, and working out. 

Amanda Fortner

UNIT 160

With ATS since 2018

Amanda and her two daughters enjoy spending all of their time with their animals in the outdoors. 

Mike Willis

UNIT 170 

With ATS since 2018

Mike wants nothing else than to spend time with his children when he isn't out on the road. 

Michael Stringer


UNIT 180

With ATS since 2018

Michael and his wife have 3 children and 9 grandchildren. When he's not on the road, there's no place he'd rather be than out on his tractor. 

Owner Operators

Doug Bowie

UNIT 203

With ATS since 2012

Doug and his wife Karla appreciate a good rock concert, motorcycle ride, or drag race on the weekends to relax and spend time together. 

John Melton

  UNIT 208

With ATS since 2012

John and his sweet companion, Eva Mae White, spend their days raising chickens and miniature goats. It brings joy to their hearts to share their eggs around the community. 

Travis Highbaugh

UNIT 224

With ATS since 2017

Travis enjoys trucking, because it's in his blood. At home, if he isn't with his wife, he's in at the lake or in the woods. 

Randy Allen

UNIT 228

With ATS since 2017

More than his love for hunting, fishing, or fourwheelers, Randy loves his family. He has a wife, 2 children, and 2 grandchildren to come home to every week.

Billy Williams

UNIT 234

With ATS since 2016

Billy has 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. The grandbabies enjoy going to look at old cars with him on his off days. 

John Sheppard

UNIT 240

With ATS since 2016

"Big John" stays busy at home raising 4 children with his wife. He's always keeping an eye out on his trucks running for Big John's Transportation. 

Richard Collins

UNIT 246

With ATS since 2017

Richard and his wife, Juanita, have 4 children, 7 grandchildren, and great grandchildren too! They like spending their time with their growing family and are known for their love of dogs. Richard has a riding partner - his schnauzer named "Pot-Pot."

Bobby Seals

  UNIT 252

With ATS since 2017

Bobby followed into his fathers footsteps when he started driving at 18. He's always mud riding, riding horses, and fishing with his 6 children. 

Ken Carman

UNIT 258

With ATS since 2017

Ken Carman is a father of 5. Learning to drive a big rig was something he learned from his grandfather who drove from his teenage years to the age of 75. He sings in a gospel group known as "The Riders" which led him to his wife, Stephaney. 

Oscar Nicholas


  UNIT 266

With ATS since 2018

Oscar and his wife, Ashlinn, have 3 children. Driving has become one of his treasures in life as he enjoys seeing new places.